Edges and Hindrances

Edges and Hindrances

Players may take any Edge or Hindrance allowed in Deadlands Noir, expect those which are banned here. Any Edge or Hindrance allowed in vanilla DLN or on this page can be taken without consulting the Marshal.





Rich & Filthy Rich
Instead of Rich characters getting fixed income, they roll a d6 when they roll for Making Money. Characters with Filthy Rich roll a d8. Starting money is affected as usual.

Instead of halving his cash on weekly basis, the shamus with this Hindrance halves all the Angels he gains from Making Money. A character with Poverty can’t take A Star in Their Eyes.


A Star in Their Eyes
Requirements: Novice, Perform (Acting) d6+, Charisma 0+.
Whether you pursued your dreams for years or were picked up on the street for your looks, you’ve made it, kid. You’re a star! You have a contract with one of the eight major movie studios (see The Movie Industry), which gives you a luxurious Lifestyle for free, but with a luxurious automobile instead of a current model. You don’t roll weekly Making Money checks, but a monthly Perform (Acting) check as if you had the Virtuoso Edge. Life of a celebrity isn’t easy, however, as you roll a weekly Fear check as you try to keep your sanity intact.

You also gain a minor Obligations Hindrance and Connections Edge to the studio of your choosing, as per Making Money.

Horror Companion:

Horror Companion:
Bullet Magnet
Combat Shock

Interface Zero 2.0
Stress Trigger (minor/major)
Most zeeks try to keep a handle on their powers, but a character
with this Hindrance just can’t seem to manage it all
the time. If he’s confronted with a stressful situation, there
is a nasty tendency for his psychic abilities to manifest. As a
Minor Hindrance, what this means is whenever the character
is forced to make an attribute roll to resist something — be it a
Spirit check to maintain morale or a Strength check in an arm
wrestling contest — if the roll is a critical failure, the character
must attempt to use one of his psychic powers as his next
action. Yep, this applies to Tests of Will and Soak rolls as well.
As a Major Hindrance, any failure of one of these rolls results
in the mandatory use of a power. In either case, the character
may spend a Benny in order to avoid the forced power use.
This Hindrance may only be taken by a character with Arcane
Background [Syker].

Edges and Hindrances

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