Club Memberships

“In Lost Angels, those who have the Church Notes have the best chances, and those who have the best chances have the Church Notes. If you want to be the best there is, you have to put in the work.”_

- Hyrum Greenspan, owner of Movie Town Tattler

Club Memberships are a way for a character to increase his Traits by spending time and money on his skill set. A boxer might spend time in his local gym to get better at fighting, gain strength, or both. Meanwhile, a gambler might spend his money in notorious gambling halls to gain insight into the horse races or a Patent Scientist might play chess at his Gentlemen’s Club. Whatever the trait in question is, the player should come up with an appropriate location where his character spends his time.

When the character purchases a Club Membership, his chosen Trait increases a die type for the month. If he doesn’t continue the Membership next month, his Trait reverts back to its original value. A character may have multiple Memberships, but he has to choose a new Trait his new Membership increases.

Regardless of the Club he has a membership in, the schmuck has to pay Church Notes per month.

  • Increasing a Skill costs 50 Church Notes per month.
  • Increasing an Attribute costs 100 Church Notes per month.

Club Memberships don’t affect increasing Traits using Advancements.

Club Memberships

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