World in Flames and Current Events

A World in Flames and Current Events

With the outbreak of the Second World War, the council decided that elections would be suspended for the duration of the conflict. Lost Angels was to remain officially neutral once again, but when Japan entered the war, the council placed the rail terminus and harbor at the disposal—tariff free— of both American nations.

Movie Town, the borough housing the majority of the filmmaking studios, dedicated itself to making anti- Axis propaganda movies and distributed them free of charge throughout the US and CS, to aid the allied war effort. The Holy City itself again funded hospital ships to be built and launched from the shipyard in Oldtown, and dispatched to the theatres of war, fully equipped with nurses and all the apparatus needed. Again, the Angels of Mercy served with bravery and dedication, fearless in the face of fire and resolute in spite of the horrors they witnessed. Again the standing of the Church of Lost Angels was bolstered on the world stage.

Now that the flames of war have cooled down, Lost Angels is preparing itself for the first mayoral elections in eight years, with the two candidates, William Randolph Hearst and Kevin Stoner, doing their best to promote themselves. Streets are filled with posters, panels and speeches are held, and the pros and cons of the candidates are the topic to talk about in the civilized dinner parties. Only a few months from now, on July 1st, the votes are counted in public radio…

World in Flames and Current Events

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