The investment in infrastructure over the last forty years has led to an impressive network of wellmaintained roads throughout the city. There are some half a million motor cars in Lost Angels, with new models arriving by the trainload and sold or leased at a premium through church-run dealerships. In the more affluent areas of the city, luxury sedans and limousines are everywhere, mingled with the latest, most expensive Italian sports cars. In Mazedge and Oldtown, much older models are the norm, with battered Model As and once-elegant Lincolns, now rusted and disheveled, far more common. Everywhere else, 1940s Plymouths, Packards, Cadillacs, and De Sotos are common sights. Gasoline prices stand at a disturbingly expensive 30¢ per gallon.


In the commercial districts of the five boroughs, the city-run “Red Line” street cars run until 10 p.m., linking main streets with residential areas and providing a low cost alternative for those unable to afford a car, or unwilling to contribute to Lost Angel’s growing traffic problems.


Commercial aviation is in its infancy, and few regular passenger routes exist, but an airmail service operates out of the Lost Angels harbor every day. Twice daily, flying boats from the small airline operated by Lars Van Der Howe depart from Pier 12. Van Der Howe Lines operates a fleet of older Sikorsky S-38s, which can comfortably seat 10 passengers, along with the mail.

On the outskirts of Eastside stands Liberty Field, currently a barren patch of land with a beaten dirt landing strip. Rumor has it that Howard Hughes has bought the field and has plans to rapidly expand aviation in the Lost Angels area. For now, though, aviation is an expensive form of travel and most opt to take long journeys by train.

The following main passenger services run regularly from Lost Angels, all handled by Wasatch Rail Co.
• The Coast Daylight runs twice daily to Shan Fan via San Luis Obispo
• The Lark is an all-sleeper overnight train to Shan Fan
• The Sunset runs to New Orleans thrice weekly
• The Golden State runs to Chicago via El Paso
• The Challenger runs to Chicago via Salt Lake City


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