The Holy City

The Holy City

Population: 75,500

At the heart of Lost Angels lies the Holy City, a circular district surrounded by 40’ high obsidian walls. There are four main entrances to the city, all heavily guarded by the zealous Guardian Angels. The main gates are massive brass structures reclaimed from the old cathedral in the ruins and reconstructed. Engraved upon them in two-foot-high lettering are the words,

“God gave Noah the rainbow sign. No more water, the fire next time.”

Access beyond any of the gates is prohibited, except for three daily tours the church runs, at 9 a.m., 1 p.m., and 5 p.m., allowing visitors to see the marvels of the city behind the obsidian walls. The two-hour tour is conducted in an open-top bus, with stops at the Cathedral, the University, and the Museum of the Flood. Visitors may also apply for an extended pass at the customs offices stationed outside each gate. These are fairly easy to come by for a $2 a day fee. Guests are required to wear their pass on their coat at all times or face deportation and 14 day exile.

The faithful who live within experience a more orderly, structured way of life than most. Everyone in the Holy City has a role and everyone is expected to work in harmony for the greater good. Living in the Holy City is open only to devout people. Missionaries are trained to thoroughly vet those claiming their faith. Those who pass the demanding evaluation process are assigned to a ward and given a job at a decent wage. They are expected to work hard, pray hard, and help their fellow man. Residents may come and go through the gates at any hour as they please. They are photographed and issued a pass when they leave and must turn it in when they return.


Built on the dimly remembered model of Grimme’s original city, the Holy City is laid out in a circular pattern, with four wards arranged in concentric rings radiating out from the cathedral at the center. Each of the four wards of the city has a significant responsibility:
• The Ward of Disciples has responsibility for recruiting and training the Angels of Mercy and contains the Holy City’s enormous teaching hospital.
• The Ward of Prophets houses the vast railhead that receives and distributes the massive quantities of ghost rock the church amasses annually, and collects the imports that arrive for distribution to the holy city and the boroughs beyond.
• The Ward of Scripture is home to the University of All Angels and the church’s seminary, which instructs the priesthood and missionaries in the ways of the church, in doctrine, philosophy, and in conducting the rites of the Church of Lost Angels
• The Ward of Revelation is tasked with preserving the remains of the old city and houses several large warehouses holding the relics and building materials recovered from the ruins of old Lost Angels.

Points of Interest

The Cathedral of Lost Angels
The Exchange
Lost Angels Hospital
Lost Angels Railhead
The Museum of the Flood
The Reliquary
The Rock Factories
The University of All Angels

The Holy City

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