In Lost Angels, it doesn’t matter who you are, but what you are. In addition to other gear, characters have a monthly expense in Lifestyle. Lifestyle covers the character’s daily expenses, rent and appearance to others. It also restricts where the character can have their apartment, how stylish it is and what kind of an automobile they have. The lifestyle is paid on the first of every month and modifies the character’s Charisma for the rest of the month as shown below:


  • Free
  • Charisma -4
  • Mazedge, Oldtown, Lost Angels Environs
  • No automobile


  • $25
  • Charisma -2
  • Movie town (Burbank Avenue), Mazedge, oldtown
  • No automobile


  • $50
  • Charisma No Modifier
  • Eastside, Midtown
  • Old-Models


  • $100
  • Charisma +2
  • Midtown, Movie town (Star City)
  • Current Models

The Clergy

  • Free
  • Charisma No Modifier
  • The Holy City
  • No automobile

Being a part of the clergy means the character is a devout follower of the Church of Lost Angels and lives within the Holy City. He follows the teachings of the Church and doesn’t roll Making Money checks. The character does work, but doesn’t get paid. Instead, his work benefits the Church and the Church provides for him. He gains both a minor Obligations (Church of Lost Angels) Hindrance and Connections (Church of Lost Angels) Edge.

Being Homeless:
The life of the homeless isn’t easy. Every week, instead of Making Money, the character rolls Survival. Success means he continues on with his life. Failure indicates a Fatigue level, while with a raise he can either recover a Fatigue level caused by an earlier failure or gain 1d4 Church Notes (d6 if he has Rich Edge or d8 if he has Filthy Rich Edge). With two raises he gets both!

The Fatigue represents not only physical exhaustion, but also the mental discomfort and will be healed by having a home (Cheap or better Lifestyle) for a week per Fatigue level. If the character gets Incapacitated by this, he dies by starvation, a violent crime or some other, probably unpleasant, way. Homeless Harrowed are knocked out as usual and might wake up in the crematory.

What Lifestyle doesn’t cover
Even though players don’t have to worry about tracking their daily expenses, Lifestyle doesn’t give an infinite amount of Church Notes. Any Gear they buy, be it a weapon, a good bottle of scotch or a Roadster they don’t get for “free”, any expenses from Legwork and Hitting the Books and other in-game expenses they have to pay with their cash on hand.


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