William Randolph Hearst

A newspaper owner running for Mayor


A wealthy newspaper owner, whose short temper and jealousy often gives new material for his flagship paper’s, The Examiner, worst competitor, Movie Town Tattler. After an attempt on his life in April 1946, he never leaves home without a couple of bodyguards.

He lost the mayoral elections of ’38 to the actor Jackie Murphy, but is once again running for the office against the sole opposition, Kevin Stoner. Come 1st of July, the votes are counted and the city of Lost Angels has a new mayor.


W.R. Hearst arrived in Lost Angels in the 30’s, during the Great Depression. He promptly used his family’s vast fortunes to establish several businesses and newspapers. His private life is in shambles, according to the tabloids. His wife of several years didn’t follow him to the “Wild West” of the western coast and he is reported on having affairs with beautiful starlets. His mansion in Movie Town is one of the city’s largest, and often the venue for the most talked-about parties in town.

William Randolph Hearst

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