William I. Pierce, Jr

The CEO of Pierce Mining Co.


General Impression
William Irwin Pierce, Jr. is the current CEO of Pierce Mining Co. and a member of the Explorer’s Society. Before his disappearance in 1939 he was regularly featured in tabloids and he spent most of his nights in L.A.’s glamorous nightclubs. After he resurfaced in 1945 with a busted leg, he withdrew from the public eye and started to spend his days in the confines of his manor. Those who truly know William, know that he is dependable and loyal to his friends when it counts.

Agility d6
Smarts d8
Spirit d8
Strength d6
Vigor d8

Charisma +2
Pace 4
Run die d4
Parry 5
Toughness 6
Sanity 6

Job: CEO of Pierce Mining Co.
Lifestyle: Luxury
Borough: Midtown
Automobile: 1946 Lincoln Continental coupe

Knowledge: Occult d8
Knowledge: Business d8
Shooting d8
Driving d4
Voodoo d6
Persuasion d4
Fighting d6

Lame: Left leg (major)
“The official story says that a lion did it.”
Obligation: Pierce Mining Co. (minor)
“Being a boss has it’s obligations…”
Night Terrors (major)
“The past few years have been pretty rough.”
Quirk: Occult obsessed (minor)
“Know thine enemy.”
Loyal (minor)
“Keep your friends close.”
Psychosis: Even worse night terrors (Night Terrors spirit check -2)

0 Veteran of the Concrete Jungle
0 Connections: Pierce Mining Co.
0 Rich
5 Filthy Rich
10 Arcane Background: Voodoo
15 Attribute: Vigor d8
20 Command
25 Elan
30 Inspire
35 Attribute: Smarts d8
40 Knowledge: Business d8 & Knowledge: Occult d8
45 Hold the Line
50 Level Headed

Warrior’s gift
“For those times when you need that extra something.”
“I put the fear of rada loa to those who deserve it.”

Browning Auto-5
Range: 12/24/48, Dmg: 1–3d6, RoF: 1, Weight: 9, Shots: 5, Semi-Auto, +2 to hit, 12-Gauge

2x Colt M1911
Range: 12/24/48, Dmg: 2d6+1, RoF: 1, Weight: 3, Shots: 7, Semi-Auto, AP1

Springfield 1903 bolt-action rifle
Range: 24/48/96, Dmg: 2d8, RoF: 1, Weight: 9, Shots: 5, AP2

Cane sword
Range: melee, Dmg: Str+d6, Weight: 3, Concealed weapon

2x M1 Carbine
Range: 24/48/96, Dmg: 2d8, RoF: 1, Weight: 9, Shots: 5, AP2, Semi-Auto

50x 12g shotgun shells
80x .45 ammo
95x rifle ammo (.30)

Other gear:
Shoulder holster
4x .45 magazines



William I. Pierce is a man with two lives. When not running his company Pierce Mining Co. he’s moonlighting as an occult investigator and a monster hunter employed by the Twilight Legion. Born in 1915 to a wealthy family, he was destined from his birth to follow in his father’s footsteps. From a young age, he was taught about business and leadership. His father, who was a well-known explorer took William along to his expeditions when he was a bit older. These expeditions were meant to make him ready to join the Explorer’s Society and more accurately, the Twilight Legion. Too bad that William was more interested about L.A.‘s nightlife. He constantly appeared in tabloid headlines due to his partying habits and that really didn’t sit well with William Senior. When the Second World War broke out in 1939, he gave young William an ultimatum: Either join the army and go fight in the war or go with him to an expedition to Africa or his name will be removed from the inheritance. William chose the latter.

What he didn’t know is that there was going to be no expedition. Instead, his father dumped him to Ghana to study Voodoo under a witch doctor named M’beke and then vanished, never to be seen again. The next six years were a hell to William, who was used to the glamour of L.A. Now he was living in a mud hut in a savanna and crafting Voodoo fetishes. Unbeknownst to William this was all to make him ready to join the Twilight Legion. During his time in Africa, some monstrosity ripped up his left leg, leaving him lame. In 1945, he finally returned to L.A. as a full member of the Twilight Legion, ready to fight the monsters lurking in the shadows. Because of his father’s disappearance, he inherited control the Pierce Mining Co. Now, he fights against the supernatural threats lurking in the shadows of the City of the Angels.

William I. Pierce, Jr

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