Edwigé Allore

A French salesman changed by the war and the LA.


General Impression: A stylish and stubborn French chap. Edwigé is close to his 50th birthday, but is well-preserved and has the body-figure of a 30-year-old. While he is content with his job, he’d sure like to do better. Ever so drawn towards the mysteries of life, his childlike curiousity is from time to time insatiable.

Charisma: 0
Pace: 6
Parry: 4
Toughness: 5
Sanity: 6(6)

Strenght: d6
Agility: d6
Smarts: d8
Spirit: d8
Vigor: d6

Job: Performing magician, Cotton Club
Lifestyle: Average
Borough: Midtown
Automobile: See “Gear”

Notice: d8
Perform (Magic): d8 [Making money]
Psionics: d8
Knowledge (English): d4
Fighting: d4
Shooting: d6
Streetwise: d4
Persuation: d4
Intimidation: d4
Stealth: d4

Curious (Major):
Edwigé has almost a childlike curiousity towards learning, and learning about, new things.
Stubborn (Minor):
He likes to do things his way. There’s not much to it. Sure, as a sensible man he probably understands, but prefers his own way.
Stress Trigger (Minor):
Edwigé has had stuff happen to him he’d prefer not to talk about. Or think about. Some circumstances just get to him, more or less. And these current oddities.. Whatever is happening, Edwigé is mildly on the edge and prefers not to get riled.

Obligation: Cotton Club
Wanted: (Untrained Syker; minor)

Connections: Cotton Club
Connections: The Secret Service
(Free) Luck

5: Vigor d6
10: Talented (Perform: Magic) (x5 NOT ACTIVE)
15: Greater Luck

20: AB (Syker)
25: More Power Points
25: Elan
30: Spirit d10
35: Visions (Horror Companion)


Average Lifestyle
Watch, lighter
Mauser M1896 (7.63mm) (Range:15/30/60 Dmg: 2d6 ROF: 1 Price: $25)
84 Angels
Old-model Sedan (Acc: 4/16; Toughness: 8 (3); Seats: 1+4)

Telekinesis, Slumber, 15PP


Edwigé Allore, shopkeeper extrordineré, lived most of his life in the nooks and crannies of the town of Carcassonne. After the first World War took his father, the duty of bringing bread to the family Allore’s home was Edwigé’s. It was during the time Edwigé held the small shop of his family he begun to develop an interest towards magic.

It all began with the shopkeeper of the neighbouring store, an antique bookshop. He was a fine old lad with more than a couple of quirky habits, one of which being an uncanny ability to perform tricks with a coin. Turned out that playing with a coin was not the only thing this mysterious lad was able to do, and as years passed he begun to share his secrets with Edwigé, whom this old man saw as an apprentice of a sort.

WWII was where things changed. Edwigé did what he was expected to, and fought valiantly against the Nazi onslaught. France had always had un mettre importance in Edwigé’s heart, but as the Blitzkrieg left the nation shambling, the true nature of his country was suddenly revealed.

“Cowards and sheep, mon ami. Cowards and sheep. The war changed moi, oui, but it was surely for the better. I lost my compagnon for nón.. But in America, things are better. People, they are heureux! Surely not sheepish! This is the land of Freedom, oui! Contrée en Freedom, ready to be explored!”

As it stands, Edwigé crossed the ocean and travelled to the west coast. Having heard about the Movietown, he rushed over, and took the first contract he was offered. Turned out that while Allore was very good at performing his “magique”, his contract owner just doesn’t give a fuck what a French hohum does on the Cotton Club stage: as long as he does the hours he gets the pay. As thus, while not so happy with his superiors, Edwigé has fulfilled his dream of having an own magic show.

Lately, Allore has had some doubts of people following him. Many people have visited his show again and again, specifically focusing during certain acts. Whatever the case, this intrigues Edwigé: maybe they are agents of another instance and they’d have a better deal for him or something. Or maybe they are from French army? Not like he had left in some mysterious circumstances, but…

Edwigé Allore

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