Alexander Orton

44 year old actor / book writer


Alex started writing at very young age. He was a successful writer. In the age of 24, he had wrote six books and three of then was best seller of the month. In November 15th, 1926 he moved to Chicago there all changed..

In there, he started to write two books. Publisher wanted him to write his own biography and detective story at the same time. Live there didn’t go as good as you should think. His girlfriend died in 1927 after that Alex disappear for a moment. News said he was in mental institution, but after investigation, there where no record of him never been there at all. Scandal was avoided and at the big boxing match between Ragin’ Bull vs The Breaker new reporter noticed Alex heading out of the stadium. At the interview he said that he needed some time by himself after tragedy and he is going to move somewhere else. Maybe back to Baltimore, maybe New York he wasn’t sure yet.

Few years passed and under a new publisher “Monsters, Mob & Misfits” was published in 1930. Coming back was a sensation. Horror detective story bite on a fanatic readers. In LA Alex got some minor roles in films, mostly because his sister Kelly.

In 1939, war broke out in Europe and in 1941 Alex enlisted in army. He recorded what happened in the front line. 1943 he was accidentally commanded to go behind enemy lines with special squad. Alex was only who walk out there and he was sent to home in 1944.

At same year he finished book, what happen there in Germany. “Angel of death and Blood Science”. Publishers took this in as a Science Fiction. Alex was shocked about it, but publisher literally just threw bills at his face “we say, what this is. We know how make money, you just write”. Alex had to swallow his bitterness.

At the end of the year 1944, Alex was asked to act in film that was based on his book “Monsters, Mob & MIsfits”. For Alex, this was his first major role in a film and this get him in show business.

Alexander Orton

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