Gaston Artz

Young, driven and moraly ambiguous doctor trying to make a name for himself.


Young, driven and moraly ambiguous doctor trying to make a name for himself.

Agility d6
Smarts d8
Spirit d8
Strenght d4
Vigor d6

Charisma: 0
Pace: 6
Parry: 4
Sanity: 6/6

Job: dirty
Unlicensed doctor for hire, working on cases that would otherwise require unnecessary attention of the men of law.
Lifestyle: Average
Borough: Eastside
Automobile: Old-model Sedan


Repair d6
Fighting d4
Shooting d4
Healing d8
Knowledge: Augmentations d6
Weird Science d6 for MAKING MONEY
Stealth d4
Streetwise d4
Persuation d4
Notice d4
driving d6

Minor delusion:They know!
Gaston finds himself under constant scrutiny of others and is sure that if someone gets to close to him, they would find out his dark secret.

Dark Secret: Assistant scientist in a Nazi regime
“Even thou it was only for a short period of time and used to help him escape nazis, for a while he was part of the Reicht and not many people can look past that.”

Thrust your guts. That was the last advice given to him by his mother and it has been Gaston’s steering wheel in the road of life.

To feel a warmth of a woman is any man’s goal. As a kind of shut personality. Gaston falls for even slightest hint of a possible “encounter”.


Current xp:15
Hindrance points: Healer
Hindrance points: Patent scientist
0 Linquistic (English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian.)
5 Smarts d8
10 Healing d8 knowledge augmentations d6


Gadget held over one side of his face, workings as somekind of x-ray machine healing damaged tissue.

Doctor’s bag (2 charges left)
Old sedan


Gaston has a past that is not as light-proof as he would want and shuns people by that premise, seeming unnecessary cold or distant at times, making it nearly impossible for most to connect and befriend with him.
Gaston was a son of a French scientist reknown in a field of biotech as his father and trauma chirurgeon mother. His father was working for Nazis during the war and family was held at gun point so to speak as to motivate him.
During the war Gaston heard that many scientists were rescued by allied forces and ported to USA and CSA under a joint covert operation to hinder Nazis and their scientifict advancement. Gaston hoped and hoped that their location would be noticed and he and his family rescued but no such luck was with him. As time passed, it became apparent that he would not be rescued by anyone but himself, and to do so he had to do some unseemly things.

He knew that he had to gain their thrust in order to get to move more freely aroun the base he and his family were held.

Gaston Artz

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