Deadlands Noir: Sweet L.A.

Biomechanical Man vs. Nosferatu!

Case #4

For the first time on the same silver screen, see the monstrous BIOMECHANICAL MAN and the terrifying NOSFERATU duke it out in this monster mash-up BATTLE ROYALE. Hear the screams, see the terror, live the experience! UNIVERSAL STUDIOS brings you the scares this holiday season. Starring Rex Mclean as the Biomechanical man and Erik Schreck as the Nosferatu, with Alexander Orton as Dr. Strom. Now filming.

The filming of an upcoming monster flick comes to a halt when Rex Mclean notices that his co-star isn’t only in character, he is the character. To avoid getting a sentence for the creature’s crimes, Mclean hunts the abomination in the sewers of LA with help from Det. Nathan Green, Gaston Artz and William I. Pierce, Jr.



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